Planting seeds for the future and generations to come

Our Mission

The Foundation provides financial support for Ascension Lutheran Church congregation, community, and global/synodical needs in a manner that is separate and apart from those expenditures normally funded by the annual operating budget of the church.  The key areas are:

  •        conversion of principal in investments
  •        grants
  •        endowments and scholarships
  •        loans to the church; and
  •        to provide financial management education and promote stewardship of church members personal finances

Our Vision/Promise

The Foundation’s vision is to effectively manage the assets that has been so graciously provided, enabling annual growth in the value of the assets as well as distribution of those assets. As Trustees we endeavor to:

  • listen attentively to the donors’ wishes for how you intend your gifts to support and encourage the mission of Ascension Lutheran Church
  • exercise fiduciary oversight of the Foundation’s funds as a good steward, verified by an annual audit by an independent outside firm

Our Invitation

Planned giving and memorial gifts are an important part of our stewardship.  These are perpetual gifts, since only a proportion of the interest is spent to keep the gifts ability to keep on giving.

The ALCF invites you to include a gift in your estate planning through a will, life insurance gift, or trust, stocks and bonds, donation of property, a dedicated amount from your IRA, investment portfolio and memorials.  Gifts can be designated in support of the mission of our Church, or they can be given directly to the general endowment of the Foundation