Request A Grant


The Foundation’s grant program is one of several resources available for this support.  When resources are otherwise limited, earnings from the Pete Pederson Perpetual Fund make grants to support work of merit by the Church’s committees, community charities education institutions, and those organizations that promote betterment of the community at large.

Grants can be given to organizations that qualify as non-profit under IRS rules, but not individuals.  Organizations not under Ascension Lutheran Church’s Constitution and By-Laws must submit proof of their tax exempt status with their request.

The Foundation’s Grants Committee will use the following guidelines when considering a grant request:

  • Is there a religious connection?
  • Will the grant do much for many?
  • Will the grant be considered good stewardship ( keeps on giving)
  • Will the grant meet a community need?
  • Are no other funds available elsewhere?

To request a grant, you have two options:

1. Download the GRANT REQUEST FORM, complete the form in its entirety, and mail the form to:

Ascension Lutheran Church
Attention: Foundation Grant Committee
1600 East Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA  91362

2. Click on the link “APPLY FOR GRANT ON-LINE,” complete the form in its entirety and then click on the SUBMIT button.  Your application form will be sent directly to the Chair of the Ascension Lutheran Church Foundation Grant’s Committee.


The Foundation meets quarterly (February, May, August, and November) on the first Saturday of the month specified. Requests must be submitted before the 15th of the month preceding the next quarterly meeting or they will be rejected. The request may be re-submitted for consideration after the quarterly meeting within the above timeframes.

For additional information regarding the Grants Request Process, please contact the Foundation Grants and Scholarships Chairperson.