Request A Scholarship

 Scholarship applications are currently available and must be returned by April 21, 2023. Please click here to learn about available scholarships before filling out form.

You have two options to submit a scholarship request:
Download the SCHOLARSHIP PACKET and print it out, or pick up a copy at the church office, complete the packet in its entirety, and mail the form to:
Ascension Lutheran Church
Attention: Scholarship Committee
1600 East Hillcrest Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA  91362
Or fill out the form online HERE. Your RECOMMENDATIONS may also be filled out from this page (see below). 
Depending on the criteria for each scholarship, you may be able to apply for one or more scholarships.
To be eligible, all applicants are required to submit two (2) Scholarship Recommendation Forms (completed by a teacher or other qualified person). These will be forwarded directly to the Ascension Lutheran Church Scholarship Committee.  You may use RECOMMENDATION FORMS HERE  These forms can be found in the scholarship application packets.
It is possible that if you are attending a Lutheran College or University that a portion of your scholarship may be matched. Contact the Lutheran College or University financial aid department for further information.